Water Bottle Label Template
Water Bottle Label Template

Water Bottle Label Template

Personalize water bottle labels

A great way to personalize any event or brand material is to use custom water bottle labels. You can showcase a custom design or show photos that are appropriate for the occasion on your label. Creative Cloud Express allows you to create stunning Water Bottle Label Template graphics.

These can be resized for sharing on social media or printed formats. It is as simple as selecting a template and customizing it, then sharing.

Water Bottle Label Template
Water Bottle Label Template

How to create custom Water Bottle Label Template

Begin with inspiration.


You’ll never be left with a blank canvas again thanks to our thousands of professionally-designed templates. You can search by task, platform, aesthetic, mood, or color for fresh inspiration. Just tap or click on a graphic you like to use as a starting point and the editor will open it.



Water Bottle Label Template
Water Bottle Label Template

You can make it yours by mixing it.

You have many options to personalize your water bottle labels templates. You can change the font and copy it. Add your product photos or images to the imagery. You can also browse thousands of free images in Creative Cloud Express. 

You can spend as much or as little time as you like to create the graphic. Premium plans allow you to auto-apply your brand colors and fonts so that you are always #onbrand


Add some flair.

With our unique design assets, you can easily add personality and flair to your projects. GIPHY allows you to add animated stickers or text animation to create short-form graphic videos. So you can concentrate on your message and style, we’ve done all the technical work. 

Collaborators can be added to your project so that you have more hands to bring your custom labels to life.


You can resize your content to make it more visible.

No more need to remember the dimensions of images for each platform. You can modify any design that you have created once you have it saved to your social networks by using our auto-magical size feature. You can duplicate the project and hit resize to select the platform that you wish to adopt it. Our AI will do the rest. Boom. Boom.


Share and save your water bottle labels.

After you have completed your label design, click the publish button. You can print your label at home or send it to a professional printer for attachment to your water bottles. 

A digital copy of your design can be downloaded to share via email and social media. Creative Cloud Express stores your designs so that you can easily revisit it if necessary.

Water Bottle Label Template
Water Bottle Label Template

Keep hydrated and keep your creativity at your side.

Enjoy the creative process, no matter if you are creating custom water bottles labels for a wedding or branded waters to sell at your new gym. Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to create unique labels using professional templates. 

Your water bottle label can be resized to be reused for other branding collateral, such as business cards or brochures. You have endless possibilities to make your label design great.

Water Bottle Label Template
Water Bottle Label Template

Creative Cloud Express is your water bottle design specialist.

Creative Cloud Express will help you unleash your creativity. You can either use pre-made templates or design your own water bottle labels. To make your designs feel authentic, you can use photos, icons and logos to create a theme. 

To ensure consistency across different materials, duplicate and resize designs. Creative Cloud Express is free and simple to use. You can save your designs, share them, and get approval.

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