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Popcorn Box Templates

Free Popcorn Box Templates

Have you ever thought about watching a movie in your with your family at home that can save much time and money? Additionally, nothing brings more fun than having popcorn inside the popcorn containers that you’ve made by yourself. 

The greatest part is that you do not have to worry about creating the box from scratch since it is possible to download popcorn box designs online which can be downloaded and used at no cost.

The gift BOx Templates are high-quality and customizable so they can be made into a cutout and color to create a more personal look for your family.

Dimensions of Popcorn Box Templates

A plastic pop container makes the perfect baby shower snack box. They can be used to spread everything from candies to cookies. It is also a great way to serve old-fashioned popcorn. In the end, these are popcorn boxes.


This popcorn box is ideal as an ideal party favor. It is ideal to host movies, carnivals or sleepovers with friends. This pink popcorn box is an extremely retro-styled open-top popcorn box.

This template will show you how to build a popcorn box. The box has four sides and one bottom. This is a design template to make a top-opening popcorn box. It is all you need to do is fold the sides over sides, then fold down the bottom, and you have an easy-to-eat popcorn box.

The Popcorn Box Template in PDF

The template is comprised of the fourfold popcorn maker. This is not a pre-made popcorn box. You must print this template on sturdy paper, then fold in the edges to create a beautiful popcorn box.

This isn’t a pre-made popcorn box. You’ll need to make the print of the box template on hard-to-print paper, then take the cut-out and create this popcorn box. You could also take this template to get an idea to make your own popcorn box.

Popcorn Holder

Print the template on card printing paper. Then fold the template around the edges to create it appear like a container, and cut the top. You could also be imaginative and color the popcorn box to match your specifications of yours.

This is a design template for real-looking popcorn in an easy food-friendly paper box. Print or download this template to come up with an idea for creating your own popcorn boxes by scratch.

Template for Popcorn Boxes Printable

It requires lots of work to make a popcorn maker from scratch. You’ll need to search for inspiration and templates. This template can be printed on a popcorn container. You can download or print the template to build your own popcorn container.

This template comprises images of a popcorn container, two tickets to a movie, and an elastic strap. This template can be printed. You can download it or print it on hard paper, and then apply this design to create your own popcorn box.

This popcorn maker creates memories of the architecture and space that was The Cineteca Alameda. It was a classic cinema constructed in the late 1940s that is famous for its aesthetics and its history.

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