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Pillow Box Templates:

Custom Pillow Boxes can be printed with a number of themes, materials and finishing options. These pillow boxes wholesale act as gift boxes for all occasions. Cardboard and Kraft pillow boxes are the most popular kinds which are customized with dramatic shapes and sizes. Pillow boxes with windows improve the visibility of these products. CMYK/PMS color technique allows having infinite color choices for pillow box packaging. You can even have handles for suitable carriage.

All sorts of fonts and graphics can be printed onto the item boxes. Cosmetic accessories such as ribbons, buttons, laces, glittery ropes, bows, paper flowers, and butterflies can also be attached to them. Captions that are catchy is likely to make the boxes desirable. Every single event has a superb printed pillow box which says it all.

free box template by brilliant packaging suppliers

Pillow Gift Boxes:

For birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s and weddings Pillow boxes using marvelous designs and topics are readily available. You’ll have titles printed on the personalized pillow boxes alongside the happy birthday wishes. If it’s your little sister’s birthday create her feel special with a classy pillow packaging that functions as an insignia of never-ending strangers adore. Christmas Pillow boxes might be made attractive with color schemes that are applicable.

Give your valentine a magnificent Pillow box with their favorite chocolates. Custom Pillow Boxes make ideal party favors; add a tint of imagination by having them printed with their favorite cartoon characters. For packaging handmade soaps Printed Pillow boxes really are an excellent choice. Place your jewelry and greeting cards from lovely pillow boxes wholesale.

Custom Printed Boxes:

From cans to chocolates to crafts and more, it is possible to package your products in pillow favor boxes. Our collection offers innumerable options in pillow box templates to create entertaining packaging boxes. You can download that the free or even premium variation and make boxes in various sizes. Make a long-lasting impression on your customers by packing products in these custom printed boxes for retail. These eye-catchy pillow boxes are certain to get your product stand out of the audience.

free box template by brilliant packaging suppliers

Different types of Paper to Use Pillow Boxes:

A pillow packaging requires a good paper to be used so it could stand on its own. Maybe not all forms of paper may be used in making a pillow packaging box, or any sort of paper box for this matter. Here’s a listing of papers Which You Can use for creating these small boxes:

Construction Paper:

Construction paper is lightweight and easy to transform into a paper box design. It’s mostly utilized in artwork and crafts but can be periodically employed for writing. Both of them are rough and soft and may come in bright colors.

free box template by brilliant packaging suppliers

Origami Paper:

Origami paper is also lightweight only like construction paper, however, they’re also stiff. The creases are solidly made and can be sure your box may stand.

Square Pillow Box Template


Large Pillow Box Template


small pillow box template


Pillow Gift Box Template


Christmas pillow box template


Pillow Box Template Vector


DIY Pillow Box Template


Free Printable Pillow Box Template


Clear Pillow Boxes


Those pillow boxes are special for sending our special gifts for your nearest and dearest, and you can reuse a single free pillow box templates every time you believe it is time to generate use of a pillow box back again. Pillow box template free download today and make your present training easier than before.

free box template by brilliant packaging suppliers

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