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Lipstick Box Template


Lipstick Box Template – You’re an industry-leading beauty company You’re probably aware that the only product that’s nearly associated with beauty is lipstick.

Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

In the modern age of networking on the internet, where just our face is visible, a person’s face is now much more significant than professional outfit as well as body language.

Anyone who logs in quickly to an online conference is likely to be left with only enough time to put on a bit of lipstick. Pretty lipsticks can show an appealing face, even in this hectic, busy world.

A flawlessly presented face is the key to an easy event and presentation. Customers are searching for personalized lipsticks they can purchase from home.


Therefore, customizing lipstick boxes have become extremely important. The packaging of your lipsticks could be the most prominent advertisement impression that a customer receives of your company.

Customers are no longer navigating through your cosmetic aisles or interacting their makeup professionals in the stores or in department stores.

Every makeup makeover is finished with the perfect lipstick shade. With the rise of online shopping as well as growing the DIY makeup tutorials trend growing, more and more people make themselves makeup home.

The monthly lipstick subscription boxes are extremely lucrative for makeup companies, instead of relying on the customers who walk at their door.

Use our simple templates and create your own lipstick boxes that can be printed every month using FREEBOXTEMPLATE. Then, it’s sent quickly to your clients.

The only thing your customers will are seeing is the container they place an order on. This shows that a lot of thinking must go into how your lipstick containers are designed. Paper

Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

Whatever your makeup business’s vision or style You will discover the perfect lipstick case to suit your needs with Gold Image Printing.

We have a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes to pack your lipstick shipment. Check out our paper choices:

  • C1S 14pt white cover semi-gloss.
  • 14pt White C1S Cover velvet.
  • 14pt White C1S Cover soft touch.
  • 16pt White C1S Cover semi-gloss.
  • C1S white cover velvet.
  • C1S white cover soft touch.
  • 18pt White C1S Cover semi-gloss.
  • 18pt white C1S cover velvet.
  • 18pt White C1S Cover soft feel.
Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

Each model includes a semi-gloss option to give a polished, clean appearance and a soft touch-off option that gives an airbrushed, velvety and liquid-smooth texture.

In the end, a velvet layer could be added to make it similar to velvet curtains.

Soft velvet and velvet laminates provide an additional benefit of protecting over your lipstick containers to ensure they don’t become scratched or damaged when you ship them. Find more options of paper here!


Lipstick Box Template

The typical size of lipstick boxes is 1.00-inch in length 1.00 inches wide and an overall depth of 3.00 inches. However, we recognize that every makeup company is different and you will need to provide a variety of choices to your large customer base.

Don’t let the size of our company. We provide a personalized quote that allows you to input any specific request you have for your lipstick box. Our designers will start working with you to ensure that the next delivery of lipstick boxes will be exactly what you’ve always wanted.


The color of lipstick is what it’s about. Maybe you’re a teen-oriented makeup company with bubblegum and cherry glittery shades in your lipstick.

You are free to pair your lipstick collection with these vibrant shades. Perhaps you are catering to a more refined crowd by using lipstick shades that are perfect for formal events or fancy gatherings.

Also, make sure your lipstick set the mood for these luxurious occasions.

Foil Color

Every customer is looking for the shade that is perfect for them.

They are extremely happy when they open the lipstick and see the sparkling metallic tube and the gorgeous stick of lipstick sticking out.

You can also channel this style by adding foil-colored colors to your lipstick and also. Gold Image Printing is the top online printing company for foil colors.

Our lipstick boxes have foil colors available with gold foil, silver foil, copper foil rose gold foil and our popular foil with holograms. Explore the foil colors chart to learn more.


Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

We have many other specialties than just foil colors.

Use our UV spot coating, which permits one specific area you want to be more glossy than rest of the grain which highlights the region, perhaps the logo or lipstick name.

Perhaps you’d prefer an embossed box that allows a portion inside the container to be tactile so that the customer gets a tactile experience inside the box.

We also suggest white ink printing, which is a very well-known promotional method in print in the present. It allows printing with white ink on a dark box for a captivating look.


Customizing lipstick boxes printed with your own design does not need to be expensive.

No matter if you’re printing boxes for lipstick with your own logos, or arranging cosmetic boxes for your lipsticks, you can be confident that our rates are affordable and delivered within the 5-7 business day established shipping date that will ensure that you are more than content.

You can order as little as 50 boxes for a trial campaign or special promotion up to 2 000 lipsticks at once.

We’re confident that, due to their top-quality papers, the shimmering foil design and the hundreds of lipstick boxes will be sold out in the shortest amount of time.

A talented team of designers are available to talk with you about ideas for packaging gifts or ways to get monthly lipstick boxes to your customers’ hands.

Lipstick Box Template

Customized lipstick packaging boxes are an excellent investment to make your company profitable.

Keep in mind that the more you buy the less you pay and therefore, you should consider investing in wholesale lipstick boxes by selecting our bulk choices.

Are you interested in other products boxes printing? Take a look at our other options such as candle boxes, facial cream boxes, or soap boxes.

Visit our blog on Gold Image Printing to get more ideas for the use of paper and other products to benefit your marketing.

Innovative Lipstick Left Packaging

The process of starting an enterprise can be difficult, particularly when you’re navigating the waters of vanity and cosmetics.

You may have noticed in the past the increasing number of producers and investors are setting out to make self-care items like cosmetics and bath products and obviously makeup.

If you’re aiming at thousands or hundreds of items in an quota,

You’ll find it difficult to create packaging that is unique particularly for products such as lipsticks.

There are also many top lipstick brands owners who have put more explorations in a unique packaging boxes for lipstick that will provide an easier and more stylish service, and also product to the customer.

This is why the company which is committed to providing you with the most elegant lipstick sets is ready to serve you.

Alagobox Alagobox can help you boost the sale of your lipsticks by using our assistance.

It doesn’t matter if your lip product is of the brightest hue or shine among lipsticks available in the cosmetics industry however, you will not be able sell the product if it was packaged within poor-quality packaging.

Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

In fact, a unique lipstick container can convey the luxury of elegance and function with every item you add to it.

This is the reason why employing an company like FREEBOXTAMPLATE that can provide you with the finest lipstick packaging is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your business as well as your ability to share your beliefs and passion for beauty.

There are many options for improving your product’s appearance and making them attractive to your innovative lipstick box buyers.

But, if you’re planning to create large numbers of lipsticks, making an lipstick box will come out as a difficulty.

You’d have to meticulously make small boxes one by one.

This can significantly impact your overall productivity since you spend the majority of your time producing boxes, but not the main product, which is your lipsticks.

However, you don’t need to be worried because FreeboxTamplate FREEBOXTAMPLATE offer you the lipstick box template absolutely free of charge.

or go to and access the FREEBOXTAMPLATE template library to choose the style you like best for your lipstick, and then place your logo and artwork on the template.

lipstick boxes . Your company can provide you with an array of lipstick boxes you can pick from.

From bottom and top box design to slide open box design from joint paper box design to tube paper box and from Kraft paper to a corrugated papers that are vibrant,

Our templates cover the most sought-after designs in the industry. It is also possible to refer to the templates that we have for other industries, and then create your own design.

Just present your design to our designers and we’ll do the rest.

If you are unable to find the ideal packaging idea for your lipsticks, and yet you don’t think that our collection contains it, then you can collaborate with our design team to help you be inspired by the top packaging concepts.

Lipstick Box Template
Lipstick Box Template

If you are still unsure, or aren’t sure how to place an order or make a purchase with us, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

We guarantee that we’ll supply you with the highest quality lipstick packaging and products that we provide. In actual fact, we have more than 20 years of experience in rigid presentation boxes and packaging, which means that quality is guaranteed.

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