Gift Box Templates
Gift Box Templates

Gift Box Templates

Here are the Best Paper Bag and Paper Box Templates

Paper crafters love making paper bags and Gift Box Templates. These bags are an easy way to express yourself, save money and use up paper leftovers. Isn’t that amazing? You can find tons of free paper bag and box templates on the internet. Here is a collection of 25 free paper bag and box templates I hope you enjoy and find useful. 

The free templates for paper bags and containers are available in SVG format and can be used in most electronic die-cut machines. Other templates are in pdf files. You must print PDFs on paper, then cut them out by hand.

Miss Printables has seven basic Gift Box Templates you can use again and again in your projects. Each project is unique and can vary depending on the paper, colors, and embellishments.

Gift Box Templates
Gift Box Templates

Mini Heart Favor Boxes .uk 1 1
Gift Box Templates

These cute boxes have a cutout heart and are great for Valentine’s Day, bridal shower favor boxes, and wedding favor boxes. To show your guests how special you are, fill them with candy or small trinkets. This is a sweet party favor box and Gift Box Templates.


Website Template Generator Free

This template creator is my favorite template site. There are many types of bag and container templates available. You can also insert measurements to create a PDF template or SVG file. Amazing!!!

M. H. van der Velde, the owner of this site, generously provides the templates and instructions free of charge! Template maker is the best site for paper artists and designers.

Cute Flap Treat Favor Box .uk 2 2

Make a treat bag using flaps. Tie it with a lovely ribbon. This favor box can be used with cellophane candy bags. Gift Box Templates You can make treat boxes for school parties, Halloween and other events. These adorable paper bag and bag templates boxes will be a huge hit!

A paper box with storage areas and flaps

Sometimes, you might want to create a paper box with slots so that you can store your items separately. The Non-Crafty Carpenter is here to help! You can download the files for this adorable project free of charge. Gift Box Templates To use the Cricut download, you will need a Cricut cutter and access to Cricut’s design space. It’s so pretty!

Easter Bunny Gift Pack .uk 3 1

This year, add some heart-shaped boxes with bunny and heart cutouts to your Easter baskets for children! These adorable containers make a great holiday gift! Then fill them with Easter candy and place the boxes in the baskets. Lovely!

Daffodil Treat Cups

The Daffodils signify that Spring has finally arrived and it is time for a fresh start. You can add daffodil egg cups as spring table decorations! Add some candy, and you’re done! This is a wonderful way to celebrate the season for rebirth, renewal.

Pyramid Gift Boxes

A gift box doesn’t have to be a square cube. Watch the recipient’s face lighten up when you place your gifts into these paper pyramids. Gift Box Templates This is a unique and beautiful way to show your love.

Milk Carton Box Template

You can make gift boxes in the form of milk cartons. Then decorate them with stamp art. This will result in a product that’s both elegant and simple to make.

Boxes with Heart Shaped Designs

Everyone loves heart-shaped gifts! These adorable gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day or bridal shower favor Gift Box Templates. These are so pretty!

Templates for Pencil-shaped Paper Boxes

This pencil box is a great project. This printable is free from Mr. Printables. Make favors in pencil shape! These favor boxes can be used by homeroom moms to give as favors at their children’s school parties. .uk 4 1

Wine Box Template

Wine box templates are available! I sure didn’t! You can now personalize wine bottles to give someone a bottle of grapes. This is the perfect gift for hostesses!

Packaging Paper Box Templates

Are you looking to make professional-sized paper boxes? This assortment is free for you!

Chocolate Easter Egg House

Fill a paper birdhouse with candy and make it into a gift basket for Easter. For added cuteness, you can put it in your child’s basket.

Apple Shaped Paper Box Templates

A beautiful present for someone in an apple-shaped container is a great idea. These are adorable and so unique.

Acorn Truffle Box

Acorn-shaped gifts are perfect for autumn. Add a gold ribbon to finish it off! A sure winner!

Kitty Kat Favor Box

Do you know a friend who is a cat lover. This cute cat favor bag is perfect for giving a gift to a friend who loves cats. Meow!

Christmas Star Favor Box

This star box is ideal for Christmas. It would look great if it was made from silver foil paper. It would be fun to add sparkle to the presentation.

Paper Baby Crib Template

This cute paper crib can be used as a table decoration or gift box for your next baby shower. It’s adorable!

Template for a paper gift bag

Design your own gift bags! These gift bags are a great way to show off your creativity.

Chinese Takeout Box Template

Take-out boxes from China are a great way to package gifts. Gift Box Templates Bright, vibrant colors are a great way to make your presentation stand out.

These adorable Easter Bunny favor boxes are so cute

Funny Bunnies These candy boxes can be cut from one sheet and folded. It’s so easy to make these candy boxes!

Cookie Box Template

Do you want to gift some homemade candy or cookies? It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a box. You can make a box with just one sheet of paper. This gift box is perfect for when you are short on time and need to create a gift package.

Puffy Pillow Box Templates

These gift boxes in pillow-shaped shapes are adorable and versatile. Simply cut, fold, and insert your gift. Add a beautiful ribbon to your gift!

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