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Food Label Templates

Food Label Templates

A collection of 15 modern Food Label Templates to personalize your brand.

It is important to have unique labels, especially in the food industry. These modern and ready-to-use templates for food labels will speed up your workflow.

Your logo and labels are often the first things customers see about your brand. It is important to have unique labels, especially in the food industry. This can be done in a number of ways, including using specialized logos and fonts such as these modern food label templates.

Food Label Templates
Food Label Templates

Wolf Logo/Label Template

Guitar created this template. He creates watercolor illustrations and clip-arts as well as templates for sale. It has a rough texture that gives it a unique look. The editable strokes make the template highly customizable. 

The package includes an old-style logo featuring stylized wolves, and a goblet. It is a great choice for modern drinks labels, thanks to its thin lines and decorative style.


Olive Oil Packaging Template

This template features a customizable “Oliviaā€¯ logo and free fonts. Fatih Gunes also designed the fonts and templates. It can be printed right away and features a fold guide to ensure perfect shaping. This template can be used to create a box label or tin label.

Food Label Templates
Food Label Templates

Printable Product Labels

Sja created these simple, yet elegant product labels. The designer also designed logo kits and templates for bloggers in many styles. These Food Label Templates can be edited in Illustrator, Photoshop, or MS Word. You can customize the fonts and colors to suit your needs.

 These templates can be used to label candles, cosmetics, as well as other products, such as Food Label Templates products.

Floralium Abstract Patterns Set

Lisa Kalev designed this hand-drawn collection of floral patterns. Floralium contains 30 objects, cards and seamless patterns. You can create anything new by mixing elements or changing details. This makes Floralium ideal for personal branding and stationery as well as labeling.

Food Label Templates
Food Label Templates

Handmade – Handcrafted Goods Badges

This collection of 10 vector badges and 15 icons represents a unique brand that is caring and personal. This was created by Venimo span style, an illustrator and graphic designer. He also creates logos. This packaging is designed to inform customers that the product is unique and handmade.

Minimal Labels/Stickers

Coco Shop has the ultimate collection of stickers and labels. They prefer to create minimalist designs for all types of labels. These simple labels can be easily edited and printed ready to give your brand a straightforward personality.

Food Label Templates
Food Label Templates

Fresh Farm Products

Do you provide fresh-farmed products to your community This collection was designed by Vera Holera who is a specialist in handwritten fonts and templates? This collection includes four food frames, five seamless patterns, and a set of letters. It will allow you to create beautiful product Food Label Templates.

Halloween Bottle Labels

These seasonal labels are made specifically for Halloween. These labels were created by Moloko88. His unusual work includes a variety of graphics and a few templates. This collection of vector illustrations will add a unique look to your Halloween products.

Hand-Drawn Herbs and Spices

This beautiful collection contains hand-drawn illustrations that depict herbs and spices. Linseed Studio created these graphics, as well as many other fonts and graphics. These designs can be used for logos and packaging design, as well as fabric and kitchen decor.

Illustrations For Packaging Design

This collection is available in a variety of sizes, including jars that hold hot sauce, raspberry jam, or olives. Noiresor, a talented designer, provides templates, photos, and fonts. These illustrations are distinctive and full of personality.

Organic and eco-friendly labels

Are you offering specialized organic food products? These labels are both organic and environmentally friendly. This large collection includes a variety of hand-drawn labels. The large set includes 20+ eco words and 95 clip-art elements. There are also 24 pre-made logos. Plus, 6 seamless patterns. These were created by PixmassStudio. They also provide seasonal graphics and other templates. These labels are organic and eco-friendly, so you can show how much care you put into each product.

All you need is coffee

Hand sketched offers this collection of 10 files that includes hand-drawn graphics and watercolor coffee plant branches. It also includes three vertical banners. They are both vintage and very colorful, but they are all highly detailed and are the perfect design to showcase coffee products of any type.

Hard Nut Graphics Design Set

This set can also be made by Handsketched and offers an enormous variety of designs. There are 40 different edible nut elements in black and white and 40 hand-drawn ones.

 There are also 24 different groups of edible nuts, in different varieties (some black and some white), and some other colors. The set also includes nuts mix icons and backgrounds that are healthy for eating. This set contains everything you need to create the perfect look and feel for your nut products.

Organic Cosmetics and Products

Vanimo also provides this set, which includes 50 badges and icons. These templates are suitable for natural, organic cosmetics that contain safe ingredients. These templates are simple and have a linear design for simplicity. This set can be used to create specialized, reliable, and eco-friendly products for your brand.

Vintage 55 Logo Templates

The set has enough variety to meet a wide range of commercial and personal needs. Great19 offers a variety of fonts, including unique and vintage styles, as well as different templates. These templates are great for clothing and typography as well as for labels for food and drinks.

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