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Candle Label Template

Candles are an ideal mood elevator for all sorts of occasions, from private celebrations to corporate parties or restaurants and special event preferences. Candle Label is a frequent choice of interior designers or homeowners if decorating several kinds of spaces. Candle Label Templates also makes for a superb gift – classy, not too expensive, and appropriate for several forms of dating levels.

This is exactly the reason why a lot of people decide to begin their own small business manufacturing candles. One of the most important factors to know about how to offer candles is packaging and Candle Label Templates is extremely important. On occasion, the packaging consists of a cardboard carton, candle jar and a candle label on the jar, and at times it’s just a candle and an attractive-looking tag on the wax. In any event, the candle tag is unavoidable.

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What Do You As a Candle Manufacturer Have to Learn about Candle Labels

Candle Label Templates aren’t only a marketing suggestion and a way to make the product look more appealing. Candle Label Templates also give important information to candle buyers, such as alarms about the dangers of candle fire and data regarding safety procedures, the flavor of their candle and Candle Label Templates, who manufactured it, and also similar.

There are also strict legal regulations concerning which information must be included on Candle Label. For example, the National Candle Association urges candle manufacturers to package and tag their own candle products available for sale according to Fair Packaging & Labeling Act.

There are additional activities to take into consideration whether the candle is branded as a”lotion candle” or even some other type of candle product, and it could be found from the official Fair Packaging & Labeling Act.

You can Download Listed size of Candle Labels Templates:


Round Labels

Rectangular Labels

Once all regulations about Candle Label Templates have now been adopted, it’s time to move on to an infinitely more funny role – creating the candle label design. Our exceptional online candle tag maker can be especially beneficial to small organizations that are just beginning and have to be quite careful about every expense they make. Thus, instead of paying a pretty amount to your designer to brand their candle label they are able to cause neat candle decals totally for free. also provides custom label printing to small business owners and owners, therefore the entire process of designing and getting printed labels can be quickly and professionally rearranged at Candle labels Templates aren’t only for product branding and adding a pleasant aesthetic for the candles, they also give important safety information for their own customers.

More than 8,000 house fires a year an average of are brought on by candles, in accordance with the NFPA. And, according to a study by the U.K. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 85% of them can be prevented by following three simple rules.

What you want on your candle Warning label Templates

Current industry standards say that the three candle warning labels must always be placed somewhere in the candles to get suitable fire safety. Thankfully there are industry-standard pictograms that help communicate the message if space is constrained. The ASTM standards recommend that candle warning labels are placed on each component of the sale, and visible at the point of sale. Also, you need to make sure that they’re not insured, blocked or eliminated by the manufacturer, distributor or merchant.

Candle Label template designs

To help you to label candle fast and safely, we’ve established a few candle warning labels you are able to order instantly online. Then click on download Candle labels Templates free adheres to ASTM standards. They comprise proper burn up instructions, in addition to basic candle safety. has four easy-to-order designs to choose from.

Therefore, whether you desire to go with or without pictograms, only click on the hyperlink below for the template which matches exactly the tag size you’re going to be using. When you have found the Candle labels Templates you need, you then can print the Candle labels yourself using Avery sterile labels or lets Avery We Print appropriately print your safety tags.


Round Labels

Rectangular Labels